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Ted Kennedy’s funeral is over. My only comment


New Space art site

The International Space Art Network is a new Ning group which should be on interest to all our readers. There’s some truly awesome stuff there so check it out!

Exo planet 27 by Szőke László

John Howard rejects an Australian Bill of Rights

The other night John Howard attacked proposals for an Australian bill of rights correctly seeing it as an elitist attempt to weaken democracy:

The adoption of a charter or bill of rights would represent the final triumph of elitism in Australian politics: the notion that typical citizens, elected by ordinary Australians, cannot be trusted to resolve great issues of public policy, and that the really important decisions should be taken out of their hands and given to judges who, after all, have a superior capacity to determine these matters.

The three great guarantees of Australian democracy are a robust parliamentary system, an independent and incorruptible judiciary and a free and sceptical press.

Our parliamentary system has many flaws but ultimately it sets the tone of national debate and ought to be the ultimate decision maker. It is the identifiable and collective representation of public opinion.

I do miss our former Prime Minister.

Evolution – What about GOD?

Of all species, we alone attempt to explain who we are and how we came to be. This final show explores the struggle between science and religion. Through the personal stories of students and teachers, it offers the view that they are compatible.

Today join us on Discovery Enterprise as we continue our year long celebration of the life and work of Charles Darwin and explore the conflict between Science and Faith with the last installment of the landmark PBS television series “Evolution” – What about God?

Pole dancing on the train

Nothing like this ever happens on my train:

A STRIP club isn’t the only place in town you can see a pole dance – amazed passengers on an L train in New York watched in awe as a naked young woman competed with straphangers for space on a pole.

The performance by actress Jocelyn Saldana, 19, lasted just 30 seconds, and some of the passengers probably thought they were hallucinating or dreaming.

Most were blasé, however one woman started screaming and an elderly man next to her got the shakes.

That free show in mid-June – as well as similar ones from Times Square to Chinatown – were the creation of photographer Zach Hyman, 22, whose portraits are never under-exposed.

The photographer and his volunteer models don’t spend much time on location.

The model quickly disrobes and Hyman gives himself only 30 seconds to fire off 10 shots with his Hasselblad 500 film camera.

Begging for a living

It says something about our society when a man can make $50,000 a year from begging. Does the Australian Tax Office know about this?

THE hours are long and the work monotonous, but begging pays well for at least one of Sydney’s homeless men who earns up to $50,000 a year from good samaritans.

Ken Johnson, 52, makes his living on busy George and Market St, outside the Myer store in Sydney’s CBD, where he sits for up to 16 hours daily, seven days a week.

On a good day, he said, he takes in $400 from generous passers-by.


People have been designing arcologies for decades. They can make good science fiction, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle’s Oath of Fealty is well worth reading, but no one has ever managed to build one. The latest proposal is for New Orleans. The NOAH project would house 40,000 people in one giant building providing schools, commercial areas, hospitals and even casino.

I’ll believe it when I see it.