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In Search of the Nature of Time

Many of us today, the world over, will be counting the seconds as Mid Night approaches and a New Year dawns. All of us during some moment of our lives have wondered about the fundamental nature of time. But, while it dominates our lives and all of us are bound up in its inexorable passage, few of us can give a precise definition of what Time with a capital “T” precisely is.

Today being the last day of 2008 AD we at Discovery Enterprise are going to go in search of the nature of time and explore it in all its majesty, wonder and mystery.

Most of the events taking place around us everyday happen too quickly or too slowly for us to see them. But imagine if you could see the changing phases of the moon, the sweep of the seasons and the shifting of continents, they are all connected to events happening to the here and now. Today scientists are using new technologies to shed light on forces that transform our world and universe on the most epic of scales. Dear readers its time for an extraordinary journey of discovery through the fourth dimension as we go in search of the nature of time. And, on behalf of Dennis, Ralph and my own humble self we would like to wish each of you a Happy New Year full of many blessings and good fortune. May Father Time rain much good fortune on each and every one of you dear and loyal readers.

Exploring Time – Part 01

Exploring Time – Part 02

Time – BBC – With Michio Kaku

In this four-part series, string theory pioneer Michio Kaku goes on an extraordinary exploration of the world in search of time. He discovers our sense of time passing and the clocks that drive our bodies. He reveals the forces of time that make and destroy us in a lifetime. He journeys to some of the Earth’s most spectacular geological sites to look for clues to the extraordinary depths of time at a planetary level. Finally, he takes us on a cosmic journey in search of the beginning (and the end) of time itself.

No topless beaches

Some  state MPs lead by Fred Nile want to ban women bathing topless on our beaches:

With women increasingly going au natural, conservative powerbrokers from all sides of State Parliament yesterday supported a ban on topless bathing.

Local councils currently don’t fine or prohibit topless bathers as they do not regard bare breasts as nudity.

Liberal powerbroker David Clarke and Labor MP Paul Gibson yesterday vowed to support a Bill by Reverend Fred Nile that would ban nudity at popular beaches like Bondi, Manly and Coogee.

Mr Gibson had this to say:

Labor MP Paul Gibson said topless women made people feel uncomfortable.
"If you’re on the beach do you want somebody with big knockers next to you when you’re there with the kids," he said.

So I take it he doesn’t mind big knockers when he’s at the beach without the kids.

That local councils are not trying to stop it indicates to me its not a big issue. Surely they have more important things to do a Macquarie Street.

World wide internet censorship

Not content with trying to censor the internet in their own countries leftist politicians are now trying to censor the net on a world wide basis. Its all about trying to protect the children of course.

Andy Burnham told Britain’s The Daily Telegraph newspaper the government was planning to negotiate with the administration of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama to draw up new international rules for English language websites.
"The more we seek international solutions to this stuff – the UK and the U.S. working together – the more that an international norm will set an industry norm," the newspaper reports the
Culture Secretary as saying.
Giving websites film-style ratings would be one possibilty.
"This is an area that is really now coming into full focus," Mr Burnham said.
Internet service providers could also be forced to offer services where the only sites accessible are those deemed suitable for children, the paper said

If parents were really concerned about internet content they can install filters, some of which are free. But of course, if the government believes parents are not responsible then they have to be treated like children too. With politicians as their mummies and daddies.

Western Sydney’s black panther

I think some people overfeed their cats:

MYSTERIOUS panther-like creatures, long reported to be stalking the outskirts of Sydney, could be moving towards homes.

With at least 19 sightings reported this year, big cat hunters believe they’re becoming bolder as they search for food and mates, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy said the elusive creatures – usually reported as fleeting sightings at night, often on lonely country roads – have been reported as far afield as Kenthurst, Lithgow, Penrith and Appin as they find migratory routes around Warragamba dam, linking breeding populations from the northwest to southwest via the Blue Mountains. ….

Perhaps Penrith Leagues Club could organise a award for the capture of their mascot.

Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth to All!

From the Nativity Story.

Space Dive

While Frenchman Michel Fournier has so far failed to complete his near space jump the rockeeters at Armadillo are looking forward to the next step. Diving from space.