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Please apologise Mr Fraser

So Mr Fraser you want the Liberals to join hands with the Rudd government and apologise for the stolen generation. Can you name 10 aboriginals who were removed from their families for racist reasons? I and others like Andrew Bolt would like to have some proof, but we have been unable to find even ten. What has been found is a politically correct fantasy.

However Malcolm, why don’t you apologise, I remember you had something to do with putting this murderous, Marxist bastard into power.


Citizenship test to stay but the Don to go?

The good news is that the Rudd government will be keeping the citizenship test but may or may not dump questions about Don Bradman. How you are supposed to understand Australian society without knowing the importance sports play I don’t know.

Theres also a very good practical reason to include sports questions. It clearly shows the importance of sport in Australian life. This is what we encourage migrant youths to do in Australia:

This is what French migrant youths do:

Spaceship Two

What a trip to Space on Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship 2 will be like.

Starving kids raid kindy

Another day and another story of outback child abuse.

HUNGRY children as young as six broke into a Mount Isa pre-school looking for food at the weekend. Two six year olds were among 10 children aged 14 and younger caught by police for seven break-and-enters within a 48-hour period. Mount Isa Police Station’s Sergeant Chris McLoughlin was stunned when he found two small children stuffing their faces with food from a pre-school refrigerator on Saturday night….

But this is the really disturbing part:

“When I first saw them I thought they were only four because they were so little and undernourished.”But what shocked officers even more was the reaction they received when they dropped the children at home.”When I was attending the children’s homes they didn’t seem concerned that their six-year-old kids were missing,” he said.”They didn’t know how long they had been gone for, where they were, who they were with – it’s just horrendous….

Now I don’t know if these are another Aboriginal family or not, although considering the recent number of child abuse stories in Aboriginal communities I wouldn’t be surprised, but that should be irrelevant. The justification for the existence of government is its ability to protect the rights of its citizens. If it can’t protect vulnerable children from clear neglect it doesn’t deserve to exist.

Queen must die for a republic

Malcolm Turnbull thinks we won’t become a republic until after the Queen dies. If she lives as long as her mother he’s going to have a long wait. Thankfully Rudd has no intention of re-opening the republic debate again, at least in the near future. He properly agrees with Turnbull.

Tim is OK

Tim Blair has been seriously ill but his operation seems to have gone well. Get well soon Tim.

Also Andrew Bolt is back from hols and is blogging a storm.

Electric Israel

Flex fuel cars are not the only alternative to petrol vehicles, another contender is electric. The Israelis are sick of paying for their own destruction and have chosen electric cars to liberate them from oil.

Announced on Monday, the plans for electric car infrastructure include the construction of 500,000 quick recharge points throughout Israel and tax breaks for electric vehicle buyers. With the tax breaks, electric cars in Israel will be less expensive to purchase than gasoline engine cars. And with 500,000 places to either recharge while you go get dinner, or just have the exhausted battery taken out and replaced with a juiced up one, a lot of consumers will probably be opening their checkbooks to take home an electric car.

Renault, in association with Nissan, will be selling several of its standard vehicles in electric models for the Israeli market. These won’t be weak electrics either; according to the electric engines will perform similarly to a 1.6 litre gasoline engine. With batteries built by NEC, the expected distance of Renault’s electric vehicles is around 124 miles, pretty good considering that Israel is only one-third larger than New Jersey. Plus, Israel’s most populous areas, aside from Eilat, are located relatively near each other. This means that, for an average Israeli, recharging an electric car at night after driving only a few miles is a feasible alternative to a gasoline engine vehicle. Renault is confident enough that the average Israeli will buy electric cars that it expects to sell 10,000 to 20,000 electric cars per year starting in 2011. …

The company will sell the cars like mobile phone with a lease contract for four years after which the cars will be owned by the motorist. Israel is a small country so the limited range of battery cars is less of an issue. I still think alcohol fuels would make better sense in Australia but who am I to know. Thats why I proposed a carrot and stick plan that would all the market to decide. With government support, the Israelis hope to be all electric by 2020. think the main impediment would be if some Islamist decides to nuke Israel of the map.