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Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets

Today on Discovery Enterprise we take an imaginary grand tour of the Solar System with an international crew of five astronauts aboard the nuclear thermal rocket spacecraft Pegasus.

Their mission is a collaboration of the NASA, CSA, ESA and РКА space agencies and takes the crew to Venus, Mars, a close flyby of the Sun, Jupiter’s moons of Io and Europa, Saturn’s moon of Titan, Pluto, and the fictional Comet Yano-Moore. Most of the planetary destinations the crew reaches are followed by a manned landing there. Prior to the mission large tanks of Hydrogen were deposited in stable orbits around the planets to allow the crew to refuel to have sufficient delta-v for the multi-year mission.

The crew encounter many hardships and disappointments along the way. A Venus EVA that almost ends in disaster when the lander Orpheus encounters launch delays, a Titan probe that fails after deployment and the loss of samples from Jupiter’s moon Io all test the crew’s resolve. The most devastating blow comes when the ship’s medical officer dies of solar radiation-induced cancer in Saturn orbit, forcing the crew to decide whether to continue the mission to Pluto, or abort and return to Earth. In the original British release, the crew decides to press on to Pluto, making history. The American version, broadcast on the Science Channel, was trimmed for length, the crew deciding to turn back at this stage rather than continue. The programme is narrated by David Suchet.

Space Odyssey: Voyage To The Planets was released in the United States as Voyage To The Planets And Beyond. The television show Defying Gravity, a multi-nationally produced space travel television drama series, first aired on August 2, 2009 on ABC and CTV and canceled in the fall of 2009 was based on this docudrama.

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