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Doctors want to mutilate girls

The practice involving cutting a girl’s genitals, sometimes with razors or pieces of glass, could be allowed in a clinical setting to stem illegal backyard procedures which are leaving young girls scarred for life.

The Royal Australian New Zealand College of Obstetricians will next month discuss backing “ritual nicks”, a modified form of genital mutilation.

But experts are divided on whether to allow the practice, given that in some cultures it is used to remove the sexual feelings of women.

Female genital mutilation has been outlawed in Australia since the 1990s but is common among African, Asian and Middle Eastern communities.
Excuse me doctors but in Australia female circumcision is considered barbaric and an attack on human rights. No effort should ever be made to condone such practices. Any doctor preforming such surgery should be charged. 
Also what word was conspicuously missing from that article?

Kayser Trad is a racist

Thats what a judge has found:

“There is little doubt that many of the plaintiff’s remarks are offensive to Jewish persons and homosexuals,” Justice McClellan said in his judgment.

“Many of his remarks are distasteful and appear to condone violence.

“I’m satisfied that the plaintiff does hold views which can properly be described as racist.

“I’m also satisfied that he encourages others to hold those views. In particular he holds views derogatory of Jewish people.

“The views which he holds would not be acceptable to most right-thinking Australians.”

Mr Trad, who founded the Islamic Friendship Association, faces up to $400,000 in court costs and there are question marks over his credibility after Justice McClellan’s scathing judgment.

Lets take look at the Islamic Friendship Association. Just how many members does it have? It seems to have been set up to avoid scrutiny. From their website:

The Islamic Friendship Association of Australia is an incorporated association, with both formal and informal members. We were established in 2003 and have since held a number of interfaith programs. We generally work in partnership with other organisations and individuals. A person does not need to be a member to work with us, our organisation is not based on any fee structure and we have thus far resisted establishing a bank account. This practice has worked for us as some of our key members are affiliated with other organisations and this means that the Islamic Friendship Association does not need to handle money directly and therefore, will not need to account for finances.

The only member I’m aware of is Mr Trad himself. Its main function seems to be the promotion of Mr Trad. I’ll be interested in knowing how much support he has from the Muslim community.

Hopefully journalist will now find someone else when they want a Muslim spokesman to interview.

Super Max Jihadists

CONVICTED murderer Bassam Hamzy, accused of masterminding a drug ring from jail, has won the right to sue the New South Wales Commissioner of Corrective Services over his solitary confinement.

After the decision was handed down, Hamzy – who appeared by videolink from jail – shouted: “I just f..cked the commissioner, I just f..ed the commissioner.’….

It has been alleged that Mr Hamzy productively used his time by running a small business and providing helpful religious instruction:

Hamzy was charged with supplying drugs last December, after police alleged he made more than 19,000 calls from jail as he coordinated a $250,000-a-week drug operation.

In 2007, he was accused of converting fellow prisoners to Islam in order to form a gang labelled the “Super Max Jihadists”.

In 2001, he was convicted of murder, malicious wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm, maliciously discharging loaded arms with intent to do grievous bodily harm, threatening to use a firearm with intent to prevent or hinder lawful apprehension and conspiracy to murder….

Obama bows

I’m just disgusted by this. Remember slavery was still legal in Saudi Arabia until 1962 and is regarded by the US as a Tier 3 country in respect to human trafficking– “countries whose governments do not fully comply with the minimum standards and are not making significant efforts to do so.”

Christian minister surprised she can’t be a Muslim

The most surprising thing about this story is that it took three years to sack her:

For nearly 30 years, Redding has been an ordained minister in the Episcopal Church. Her priesthood ended Wednesday when she was defrocked.

The reason? For the past three years Redding has been both a practicing Christian and a Muslim.

“Had anyone told me in February 2006 that I would be a Muslim before April rolled around, I would have shaken my head in concern for the person’s mental health,” Redding recently told a crowd at a signing for a book she co-authored on religion.

Redding said her conversion to Islam was sparked by an interfaith gathering she attended three years ago. During the meeting, an imam demonstrated Muslim chants and meditation to the group. Redding said the beauty of the moment and the imam’s humbleness before God stuck with her.

Multicultural Biker Gangs

How some people are adapting to multicultural Australia:

THEY call themselves MBM – the Muslim Brotherhood Movement – a gang of 600 men who boast they are the toughest and best young street fighters of Middle Eastern descent in Sydney.

MBM claims to be the biggest of four new gangs to emerge on Sydney streets in the past year. Its numbers rival those of the state’s largest bikie gang, the Rebels.

The sudden appearance of MBM, with its growing membership recruited predominantly from the city’s south-western suburbs, has alarmed senior police already battling to combat open warfare among outlaw motorbike gangs….

Muslim cleric’s Key to a successful marriage

Muslim cleric Samir Abu Hamza tells Melbourne Muslim men that its OK to hit your wife and you can force sex on her when you want. But he was only speaking metaphorically so its OK:

A MELBOURNE Muslim at the centre of a storm over a lecture where he apparently directed his followers to hit their wives and force them to have sex reportedly says his message was taken out of context.

Coburg mosque cleric Samir Abu Hamza has told a confidant his message about hitting was meant in a metaphorical sense.

Ahhhh, the benefits of multiculturalism.