The Man Who Walked Across the World

Today on Discovery Enterprise we present the astonishing story of the thirty year odyssey of the greatest explorer of the Islamic World – Ibn Battuta.

In this wonderful three part documentary travelogue, Tim Mackintosh Smith follows in the footsteps of Fourteenth Century Moroccan scholar Ibn Battuta.

In June 1325, when he was twenty one years old, Ibn Battuta set off from his hometown of Tangier on a hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca, a journey that would take sixteen months. Yet, Ibn Battutah would not see Morocco again for twenty four years.

The full extent of Ibn Battuta’s adventure would involve a seventy five thousand mile trek across the entirety of the known Islamic world and beyond. During the course of which, he visited forty countries and three continents in a thirty year odyssey.

The account of his travels and excursions are known as the “Rihla” (voyage in Arabic) in which he recounts the full extent of his travels which covered a distance readily surpassing that of his predecessors and his near-contemporary Marco Polo.

The Man Who Walked Across the World

PART ONE – Wanderlust

PART TWO – Magicians and Mystics

PART THREE – Trade Winds


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