The Birth of the Oceans

Today on Discovery Enterprise we present an episode of the National Geographic Channel’s outstanding documentary series “Naked Science” that deals with a subject very dear to our hearts, the origin of our planet’s last great frontier – The oceans.

Viewed from the heights of celestial space, an intrepid explorer could clearly see that our world is an ocean planet. The realm of Poseidon comprises an area more than three times greater in size than humanity’s current domain.

But a central conundrum confronts us- where did all that water come from?

Today’s feature documentary “Naked Science: Birth of the Oceans”, will explore the various theories on the origins of Earth’s water and our planets world girdling ocean.

Author’s Note: In my personal view the question of the origin of our planet’s water may very well be settled by mounting a sample return mission to the lunar poles and comparing the isotropic ratio abundances of hydrogen (protium) to deuterium in lunar ice.

I would like to express a special thank you to the web master of Streaming Madness.Net for providing today’s outstanding documentary.

Naked Science: Birth of the Oceans – Watch Top Documentaries Online.


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