Red Rain – Alien life?

Alex has posted on Panspermia , the hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe distributed by meteoroids, asteroids, and planetoids, previously, but finding real evidence has been difficult. In 2001 there was the mysterious “Red Rain” was it alien life? The There has been some interesting research:

Today Louis, Wickramasinghe and others publish some extraordinary claims about these red cells. They say that the cells clearly reproduce at a temperature of 121 degrees C. “Under these conditions daughter cells appear within the original mother cells and the number of cells in the samples increases with length of exposure to 121 degrees C,” they say. By contrast, the cells are inert at room temperature.

That makes them highly unusual, to say the least. The spores of some extremophiles can survive these kinds of temperatures and then reproduce at lower temperatures but nothing behaves like this at these temperatures, as far as we know.
This is an extraordinary claim that will need to be independently verified before it will be more broadly accepted. ;

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