The Amazing Peter Madsen

Robert Truax’s Volksrocket

I always knew it had to happen. Sooner or latter someone was going to build a home made rocket and try to ride it into space. Years ago Robert Truax tried it with the Volksrocket
but failed to find the 1 million dollars needed to complete the project. Now a Dane, Peter Madsen is having a go:

A group of engineers in Denmark are preparing to do just that – launch a home-built rocket, along with a human passenger, more than 100km into the sky.
Dubbed HEAT1X, the rocket will be launched from a floating barge in the sea just outside the Danish border, 12 nautical miles from shore.
And it will be towed out there by a submarine built by one of the men behind the rocket project.
Eccentric engineering genius Peter Madsen lives onboard that homemade submarine, a project that gained him internet fame last year and a Discovery Channel documentary.
Looking to go one up in 2010, Madsen founded Copenhagen Suborbitals with Kristian von Bengston with the aim of building the world’s largest amateur space rocket.
Over the last year-and-a-half they have led a team of volunteers to create the HEAT1X rocket and the micro spacecraft it will launch, called Tycho Brahe-1.
Tycho Brahe-1 will carry one human passenger, in a half-seated position, into space and back down again.
The seat is designed to minimise the gravitational pull on the passenger’s spine.
Whoever is on board will also have to wear a pressure suit, like those worn by fighter pilots, to make sure they don’t pass out.
At the top of the module is a see-through polymer plexiglass dome, giving the astronaut a once-in-a-lifetime view of their journey.
It’s planned that the spacecraft will travel in an arc, jettisoning the rocket about halfway up and eventually peaking more than 100km above the Earth before coming down.
After it re-enters the atmosphere, parachutes will be deployed to slow it before it hits the water.

The newspaper article is a bit misleading, the first launch, due this weekend,  is a test flight  ands will only have a dummy, not a human passanger. Its not expected to reach space. However  if successful, human flights will eventually follow making Denmark only the fourth nation to put a human into Space.  But lets just stop and thing about it for a minute. Peter Madsen is a man who lives in a submarine!

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Heres a video of Mr Madsen and his subs and rockets (thanks Alex for the link)


2 Responses to “The Amazing Peter Madsen”

  1. 1 Anonymous August 28, 2010 at 6:42 am

    His name is spelled Peter Madsen

  2. 2 Ralph Buttigieg August 28, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    Thanks Fixed! Thats what happens when you are writing articles late at night. Should get into bed

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