Secrets of Shangri La – Quest for the Sacred Caves

Today on Discovery Enterprise we will take another odyssey in search of that earthly paradise immune to the squalid wickedness of the world and the ravages of time known as – Shangri-La.

In the novel “Lost Horizon” published in 1933, James Hilton takes us on an odyssey to the earthly paradise Shangri-La hidden in a valley somewhere in the Himalayas between Tibet and India. Of all of James Hilton’s works this was always my most favourite.

But, is the legend of Shangri-La rooted in some, very real, earthly reality? Did such a place really exist?

For years, adventurers from all over the world have searched for the mythic paradise of Shangri-La and have found little…until now.

Carved into sheer cliffs over the Kali Gandaki River watershed, the remote Mustang caves contain Buddhist wall paintings, such as those seen above.

Today the ancient kingdom of Mustang is depicted as “the end of the world” and is culturally isolated from Chinese-occupied Tibet, said Mark Turin of the Digital Himalaya Project at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. But the new discoveries show that Mustang was “for many, many hundreds of years absolutely central—a vibrant, dynamic, culturally rich, and religiously diverse settlement.”

Today we are going on a voyage to explore these sacred Buddhist caves and look back into time as centuries-old manuscripts and stunning wall paintings that have remained undisturbed for years are uncover.

Has the real Shangri-La finally been discovered? Will it survive the erosion and visitors that the future is bound to bring? National Geographic journeys deep into Nepal in search of the real Shangri-La.

Secrets of Shangri La – Quest For Sacred Caves

You can by this exciting documentary from AMAZON.COM.

Author’s note: Dear Readers, Please allow me to direct your attention to a previous posting of mine concerning the search for the real Shangri La as revealed through the power of cinematic magic and the vision of legendary film director Frank Capra in his motion picture masterpiece “Lost Horizon”. You can also follow the exploits of the intrepid world trekking journalist Michael Wood in his highly acclaimed documentary series “In Search of Myths and Heroes,” as he goes on his own quest in search for the real Shangri-La.


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