Masters of the Abyss

By the first quarter of the twentieth century human explorers had navigated the earth and soared through the skies, yet one earthly realm remained silent, hostile and largely unknown – the abysmal depths of the Ocean.

The planet Earth is an ocean planet. Water covers over seventy percent of its surface to an average depth of two miles. Its crushing pressures kill all who attempt to invade its forbidden darkness. Then, in 1930, an adventurous scientist and a wealthy dreamer undertook a daring voyage in a tiny steel capsule, to a place no living person has ever gone. Success will make them the pioneers of Oceanography. Failure will end in a grisly death.

But, awaiting and beckoning in the external darkness, in the very bosom of its abysmal depths, is a fantastic unexplored universe. This is the story of two intrepid explorers who dared penetrate the abyss – William Beebe and Otis Barton.

Masters of the Abyss or You can view the video via this direct link.


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