Oceans 911

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time” – T.S. Eliot

It isn’t everyday that we make a major and direct appeal to the readers of Discovery Enterprise. But, today we ask you to take a closer look at a project very close to our heart – The Atlantica Expeditions.

The Atlantica Expeditions is a project sponsored and supported by the League of New Worlds.

The League of the New Worlds is a non-profit research foundation committed to the permanent human settlement of the world’s oceans and the high frontier of space.

Humanity in the last fifty years has made great strides in the exploration of space and has all but completed the preliminary reconnaissance of the solar system.

But, In the course of our explorations we have overlooked three quarters of our own world. We have left a great yawning gap in the map of our own planet and a fuller understanding of our own world. We know almost nothing about the world’s oceans and the impact twenty-first century civilization is having on its health and vitality. The time has come to fill in this great unknown.

That great unknown is in mortal danger of being destroyed before we have a chance to fully explore and understand the intricate role it plays in maintaining our own living planet.

The one important and vital lesson we have learned during the past fifty years of space exploration is that “good planets” are hard to find. And, the time has come to fully understand and take better care of the one world, which for now at least, we can truly call home.

The Atlantica Expeditions seeks to create an intelligent ecological monitoring platform (which now does not exist anywhere) to investigate and understand in detailed scientific terms the full impact of humanity on the ocean environment. The major benefit of this long term project is the preservation of our planet’s most important, largest and most fragile ecosystem. The time has come to kick-start this important endeavour.

We have titled our Kickstarter project, “OCEANS 911” and for very good reason. As we speak, the world’s oceans are in a full blown crisis and worse, we have very little idea of the extent of it and even how to define it or how widespread it is. We do know it is very serious and is growing. There are unexplained losses of coral reefs planet wide, there are increasing reports of dolphins and whales beaching themselves and dying, our food fish are loaded with heavy metals and nearly every hemispheric current are now clogged with huge circulating trash piles thousands of miles in diameter. The oceans are the planets circulatory system – the water is quite laterally the blood of our planet. Our generation has used our planet’s life’s blood for a garbage dump. Now we MUST do something now or face the loss of the world’s largest biome that is interconnected to all the others. If the ocean biome fails catastrophically, it will make the climate change crisis look tame in comparison.

How do we plan to do that? We will succeed by attacking the problem in a very unique and innovative way. Our Oceans 911 Team is about to establish the very first permanent human colony in the Atlantic Gulf Stream manned by scientists, engineers and even their families. That permanent colony will set up instruments to continuously monitor the health of the North Atlantic while 35,000 miles of ocean passes above our fixed research station.

In order to get there, we have developed an essential first research thrust called the Atlantica Expeditions I. Our Oceans 911 – Atlantica Expeditions team is composed of some of the most experienced undersea aquanauts on the world including the former Chief Scientist of the International Space Station and several world record holder aquanauts. On our team is also movie director and producer, James Cameron of Titanic and Avatar fame. The purpose of Atlantica I and the goal of our team is to complete the study of undersea habitation techniques, deployment of instruments for ocean analysis and training of crews that will be required to establish the Gulf Stream station. During our first Oceans 911 – Atlantica I mission we will set the world’s record in longest undersea habitation for an Aquanaut crew.

Join us in this vital and historic venture.

Oceans 911 – The Atlantica Project – A Planetary Oceans Health Monitoring Station


2 Responses to “Oceans 911”

  1. 1 James May 17, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    All I have to say Space colonization, exploration, and exploitation needs to come way way way first before anything else…

  2. 2 Anonymous June 8, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    There is obviously no better way than through total immersion in which to learn and appreciate complicated systems. This is certainly true for the ocean ecosystem as well, particularly because of its affect on the planetary ecosystem. To “go native”, to live and function within the ecosystem as a symbiotic partner is likely the only way to truly learn how man’s surface activities affect the ocean environment. It is time to put aside the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality of ocean dumping and non-sustainable fishing practices. We need to put people permanently on the sea bottom and in the water column in order to gain the knowledge that we currently lack. Without this knowledge, we will continue to make surface based decisions ignorant of the harm we do to the ecosystem and, ultimately, to ourselves.Tim

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