The Story of Science – Who Are We?

Today on Discovery Enterprise we will embark on an odyssey that takes us into inner universe of the human mind as we present the sixth and final episode of Michael Mosley’s “The Story of Science”. This voyage will reveal the intimate and personal secrets of our inner selves as revealed by twenty-first century neural science and try to answer a very personal existential question – Who are we?

We now know that the brain is the organ that more than any other defines our humanity. It is the seat of the human soul and intellect. The human brain (and the human mind that resides in it) is one of the true wonders of the known universe, and yet until the 17th century it was barely studied and its inner secrets are only now beginning to be unveiled. Yet, much of the inner landscape of the human mind remains shrouded in mystery.

The twin sciences of neuroanatomy and psychology have offered different visions of who we are. Now these sciences are coming together and in the process have revealed some surprising and uncomfortable truths about what really shapes our thoughts, feelings and desires. And the search to understand how our brains work has also revealed that we are all and, whether we realize it or not, scientists from the moment we are born.

The Story Of Science – Who Are We?


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