The ‘Satellite Planets’ of the Solar System and Beyond

Satellite Planet© David A. Hardy

Today on Discovery Enterprise we present another installment of the awe inspiring documentary series “How the Universe Works” and take a journey to the other natural satellites of our solar system and beyond.

The natural satellites of the major planets in our solar system come in many shapes and sizes. Each is a world unique and beautiful in its own right. Home to incredible natural phenomena like gigantic geysers and colossal volcanoes, moons also offer perhaps the best chance of finding alien life in the Universe – and they probably exist in the billions.

In fact a recent article on Discovery News asked the question: Should Large Moons Be Called ‘Satellite Planets’? The term ‘Satellite Planet’ was coined by the principal investigator on NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto and fellow Atlantica Expeditions crew member, Alan Stern.

So join us today for a magnificent odyssey to the ‘Satellite Planets’ of the Solar System and beyond.

Authors Note: I would like to take this opportunity to offer a very special thank you to my dear friend space artist David A. Hardy for the superb painting that graces today’s feature.

How The Universe Works: Alien Moons


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