Doctors want to mutilate girls

The practice involving cutting a girl’s genitals, sometimes with razors or pieces of glass, could be allowed in a clinical setting to stem illegal backyard procedures which are leaving young girls scarred for life.

The Royal Australian New Zealand College of Obstetricians will next month discuss backing “ritual nicks”, a modified form of genital mutilation.

But experts are divided on whether to allow the practice, given that in some cultures it is used to remove the sexual feelings of women.

Female genital mutilation has been outlawed in Australia since the 1990s but is common among African, Asian and Middle Eastern communities.
Excuse me doctors but in Australia female circumcision is considered barbaric and an attack on human rights. No effort should ever be made to condone such practices. Any doctor preforming such surgery should be charged. 
Also what word was conspicuously missing from that article?

1 Response to “Doctors want to mutilate girls”

  1. 1 MK June 6, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    "Any doctor preforming such surgery should be charged. "So should the parents and anyone else involved in it. That's the only way such savagery can be banished.Hope you have been well, been a while since i've been around these parts.

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