Oceans 911 – Our Oceans in Peril

Viewed from the heights of celestial space, an intrepid explorer could clearly see that our world is an ocean planet. The realm of Poseidon comprises an area more than three times greater in size than humanity’s current domain. Three quarters of our planet is covered by water and yet, for all of recorded history, humankind has insisted on naming our planet the Earth. Dry land, which is the kingdom of man, only occupies a quarter of our globe, yet it has served as the stage on which many of our human concerns have, and continue to be, played out.

Only after humans took their first tentative steps away from the security of the seashore did the surface of the world’s ocean begin to greatly influence the affairs of men. Humans crossed the ocean in search of new lands and thus began an age of exploration that has transformed many a civilization. This urge to explore has been shared by all peoples in all epochs and across many different cultures.

The ocean has also served as a barrier to hostile powers, a battlefield for plunder and conquest, and as a highway for commerce. The control of its major sea routes has built global empires. Its treasures have enriched the sovereigns and principalities of many a kingdom. Yet, despite all this, much of the ocean’s vast food and mineral wealth remain untouched. Humanity has yet to share in the immeasurable bounty that lies in wait at the end of Poseidon’s cornucopia.

The depths of the ocean is a world unto itself, beyond, for most of human history, the reach of mere men and their earthly empires. It is a world that, for the most part, is external to the rule of terrestrial kings and princes – a world aptly named Aquatica.

Yet, Aquatica is not totally beyond the reach of human blunder and despoilment.

The oceans have become the cesspool of the human species and its vast bounty in serious peril of being ruined before its full potential can be realised.

Today on Discovery Enterprise we present two documentaries that highlight the peril facing the last great frontier on Earth and why the League of New Worlds is committed to the continual monitoring of the health of our planetary ocean – Aquatica. Please visit the Atlantica Expeditions web site and learn more about this exciting vision of exploration and discovery. And please lend your support to our Oceans 911 funding drive.

“For all at last returns to the sea – to Oceanus, the ocean river, like the everflowing stream of time,

the beginning and the end.”

-Rachel Carson, The Sea Around Us, 1951

The Atlantica Expedition’s Environmental Monitoring Program is dedicated to the late Rachel Louise Carson to honor her belief that all of nature is interconnected, including humankind who has assumed the duty as the caretaker of the earth. She also taught that each one of us are stewards of the environment. Within us lies the capacity to make a difference in our own small or greater ways. Were it not for Rachael, we would never have understood our true role and we would never have opend our eyes to see the beauty of the sea.

We must commit our global civilization to the long term goal of maintaining the health and vitality of this planet in all its realms – land, air and sea. All of which are integral to the long term habitability of our world. Vital in meeting that end is our commitment to the continual monitoring of the health of our planetary ocean – Aquatica. Visit the Atlantica Expeditions web site and learn more about this exciting vision of exploration and discovery.

For the price of a modest meal you can help ensure the long term future of humanity by helping to preserve the world’s oceans.

Oceans 911 – The Atlantica Project – A Planetary Oceans Health Monitoring Station

Strange Days on Planet Earth – Oceans: Dirty Secrets

Something is amiss in our global world water supply: Striped bass are succumbing to flesh-eating bacteria in Chesapeake Bay; seabird chicks are starving in Hawaii’s; coral reefs are weakening under a growing assault of invisible contaminants and an increasing variety of aquatic animals are showing signs of developmental disorders. Experts and citizens are racing to find clues to the causes—and the solutions. Find out how we all can make a difference.

Strange Days On Planet Earth – Oceans: Dangerous Catch

Our massive demands on the ocean’s bounty impacts life far beyond the shoreline: bushmeat hunting is on the rise in Ghana while in Namibia; fishing grounds struggle to recover as putrid fumes explode from the ocean depths and poison the waters; and radical new fish farms are sprouting up from Puerto Rico to Canada. Across the globe, all life is feeling the effects of overfishing. Can we protect fish in time to safeguard the ocean, life on land and ultimately ourselves? Find out how we all can make a difference.


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