Hunting the Edge of Space – The Ever Expanding Universe

Today on Discovery Enterprise we celebrate the Golden Age of Cosmic Discovery.

In the second episode of NOVA’s “Hunting the Edge of Space” we explore how the advent of the telescope forever altered humanity’s view of the Cosmos and how it revolutionized human thought across science, philosophy and religion, forever expanding humankind’s intellectual and mental horizon to the very edge of the known universe.

We are also introduced to the pioneering work of American astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble who profoundly changed our understanding of the universe by demonstrating the existence of galaxies other than our own, the Milky Way. He also discovered that the degree of “Doppler shift” (specifically “redshift”) observed in the light spectra from other galaxies increased in proportion to a particular galaxy’s distance from Earth. This relationship became known as Hubble’s law, and helped establish that the known universe is expanding.

NOVA Hunting the Edge of Space – The Ever Expanding Universe


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