The Expanding Universe- Search for Other Life Forms

Humankind has wondered since time immemorial whether or not there are other intelligent beings living elsewhere in the Universe. Only within the last century or so has the technology come into existence that would allow for a serious scientific search for such extraterrestrials. These documentary details some discoveries that have been made that might suggest the possibility of extraterrestrial life, as well as the continuing efforts by scientists to make new discoveries along those lines. “Searching For Other Life Forms” looks at the legitimate scientific attempts to find evidence of intelligent life beyond our own.

A grand overview of the universe and how it may evolve in the new millennium, this documentary reflects the vibrancy of young astronomers at the cutting edge of science. Watch as they scour the solar system and beyond for clues that will tell us not only where we’ve been, but perhaps where we’re going. Via state-of-the art 3D graphics, the movie animates sequences from the structures of the Big Bang to the anatomy of the sun.

The Expanding Universe – Search For Other Life Forms


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