The Deep Investigated

Today on Discovery Enterprise we take a journey to the last great unexplored wilderness on Earth – the ocean floor.

After watching this documentary dear reader please make it a point to read about a project that our blog site is closely associated with: The Atlantica Expeditions – First Undersea Colony sponsored by The League of the New Worlds.
The League of the New Worlds is a non-profit research foundation committed to the permanent human settlement of the ocean and space frontiers. The League is primarily an expedition and explorations based group. It is our express purpose to plan, design, launch and permanently occupy the unsettled regions of the world’s oceans and space. We approach our purpose with an incremental development of off-the-shelf technologies integrated with intelligence and purposeful synergy, fusing the goals of ocean and space settlement into a single enterprise called the League of the New Worlds.
Humanity in the last fifty years has made great strides in the exploration of space and has all but completed its preliminary reconnaissance of the solar system.
The scientific field of comparative planetology was born during the height of our exploration of the solar system over the past half century. And, what we learned has greatly enhanced our understanding and appreciation of the Earth.
But, In the course of explorations we have overlooked three quarters of our own world. We have left a great yawning gap in the map of our own planet and a fuller understanding of our own world. We know almost nothing about the world’s oceans. – The time has come to fill in this great unknown.

National Geographic – Earth Investigated: The Deep Investigated


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