400 Years of the Telescope

Today on Discovery Enterprise we present a landmark PBS documentary entitled “400 Years of the Telescope” which is a celebration of Galileo’s first telescopic observations of the cosmos in 1609, and the resulting journey of discovery for humanity that has transpired over the past four centuries.

This documentary features interviews with leading astrophysicists and cosmologists from the world’s renowned universities and observatories, who explain concepts ranging from Galileo’s act of revealing the cosmos with a simple telescope, to the latest discoveries in space, including startling new ideas about life on other planets and dark energy — a mysterious vacuum energy that is accelerating the expansion of the universe.

Panoramic visuals and engaging interviews made 400 Years of the Telescope the must-see documentary of the International Year of Astronomy in 2009. To heighten this intellectual voyage through time and space, be sure to visit the interactive companion website which is loaded with fascinating educational resources for all ages — learn about planetarium programs in your area and discover local and faraway opportunities to experience our incredible universe firsthand.

400 Years of the Telescope


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