The Vesuvius Time Bomb

Today on Discovery Enterprise we decided, in the light of recent events in Iceland to present a documentary on volcanoes and to focus our attention on perhaps the most famous volcano in history – Vesuvius.

Our video feature for today is another exciting documentary from the National Geographic Channel’s series Naked Science which will lay bare the potential danger posed by the ticking geological time bomb of Vesuvius to the inhabitants of the Southern Italian city of Naples.
This volcano could kill millions in a fraction and sits a mere five miles outside of Naples, Italy and is infamous for the ancient decimation of the city of Pompeii on the afternoon of August 24, 79 AD. Will it erupt again?

Join leading researchers and archaeologists in a race against time as they attempt to predict when this will happen again and try to save the Neapolitans from a fiery fate.

Naked Science: Vesuvius Time Bomb


1 Response to “The Vesuvius Time Bomb”

  1. 1 Anonymous May 22, 2010 at 9:45 am

    Vesuvius will explode very soon, I had a warning dream about it just on May 20th 2010. It will kill over million of people. It is too bad I cannot tell the exact date. Sorry.

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