Exodus Earth – Mars

Mars is a world that holds a special mystique for humanity. We have been held under its captive spell for over a century. It is the one world where humanity expected to find life and sentience beyond the Earth. And, in the minds of many space visionaries today, Mars is the one world most likely to sever as a secondary planetary abode for terrestrial life and consciousness.

The colonization of Mars has been the topic of both romantic speculation and serious scientific study before the dawn of the Space Age. But, it has only been during the past forty years, beginning with observations of Mariner 9 and culminating with recent space missions of Mars Odyssey, Mars Express and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, that we can now assess the full resource potential of this world.

The surface conditions and availability of water on Mars make it arguably the most hospitable planet in the solar system other than Earth. While the Moon has been proposed as the first location for human colonization, unlike Earth’s moon Mars has an atmosphere thus giving it the potential capacity to host human and other organic life.

Today on Discovery Enterprise we join our host physicist Dr. Basil Singer in exploring the potential, challenges and hazards facing humans as we try to make Mars humanity’s second planetary home. And, while we are many years away from being able to send people to Mars, some scientists and pioneering individuals are already practicing for the trip.

Exodus Earth – Mars


1 Response to “Exodus Earth – Mars”

  1. 1 Anonymous May 27, 2010 at 8:59 am

    I agree the Human race has been very lucky so far. A group on Mars would be a excellent idea to have a backup for the Human race. Just wish I could be a part of it, but I'm much too old.

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