Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – Encyclopedia Galactica

Today on Discovery Enterprise we continue to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of SETI with one of the greatest science documentary series of all time – Cosmos hosted by one of the twentieth century’s most outstanding public educators and popularizers of science – Dr. Carl Sagan.

Are there alien intelligences elsewhere in the Cosmos? How could we communicate with them? Are UFOs really extraterrestrial starships visiting our world? The answers to these questions take us to Egypt and an account of how Jean-François Champollion decoded the ancient hieroglyphics and to the largest radio telescope on Earth and to search for other civilizations in space.

With Dr. Sagan we investigate such questions as: “What is the life span of a technological civilization?” and “Will we one day hook up with a network of civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy and download the – Encyclopedia Galactica?

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – Encyclopedia Galactica


1 Response to “Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – Encyclopedia Galactica”

  1. 1 Larry April 9, 2010 at 9:37 am

    Fascinating as this is(and I loved the TV series) I just can't believe in SETI!Why assume that an alien intelligence would be communication with radio waves, and on a frequency that we know about?

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