The Day the Universe Changed – Episode 4

Today on Discovery Enterprise we are presenting the fourth episode of the highly acclaimed documentary series “The Day the Universe Changed” hosted by BBC science historian and journalist James Burke.

In today’s instalment entitled “A Matter of Fact” we examine how the invention of printing revolutionised the dissemination of information and knowledge. The innovation of writing, and later, the printing press, revolutionized not only communication, but also commerce, industry and innovation. The medieval world which relied largely on memorized knowledge and the spoken word was transformed by Gutenberg’s discovery of printing.

A very interesting web site well worth a visit is the home page of the James Burke Institute for Innovation in Education and its flagship project, the Knowledge Web. And, if you would like to purchase this and other documentary series by James Burke we encourage you to visit Documentary-Video a great online store where you can purchase a wide selection of documentaries.

The Day the Universe Changed – Episode 4 “A Matter of Fact”


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