The Universe – The Edge of Space

The great visionary and science fiction writer Robert Heinlein was once quoted as saying “Once you’re in low Earth orbit (LEO), you’re halfway to anywhere.” Today on Discovery Enterprise we explore this realm close to home which is the gateway to the rest of the solar system and beyond.

Low Earth Orbit, 120 miles (193 kilometres) above sea level, is where the majority of space exploration has occurred and new commercial endeavours are being developed.

It will also be staging ground for the next ultimate thrill of your life – Space Diving.

This 1,100 mile (1,800 kilometer) band around Earth is where – for a cool $20 million – any private citizen can take the vacation of his or her life on the International Space Station. Commercial prospects for LEO are huge; but dangers lurk for any individual willing to travel here – radiation, cosmic rays, and space debris numbering in the thousands threaten any spacecraft traveling in orbit. It’s the new frontier, or the final frontier… and the possibilities are endless if you are willing to travel to the edge of space.

The Universe – The Edge of Space


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