Towards 3001 and Beyond with Arthur C Clarke – Master of the Infinite

Our world has completed two orbits about its Sun without the presence of its most creative and visionary thinker – Arthur C. Clarke.

Arthur C Clarke departed our world and went on his own personal and final odyssey into the infinite on March 19th, 2008. Through his creative brilliance in the genres of science fiction and popular science, both in the printed word and the mass media of television and motion pictures, Clarke more than any other futurist of his generation has taught three generations of men and women that our exploratory endeavors into the depths of unknown and the inevitable discoveries and terrors that await us could also be the greatest moments of transcendence in human history.

Clarke’s writings have an almost religious intensity and awe at their core. Through his imaginative exuberance in “2001” we where witnesses to the genesis of humanity and its first encounter with an extraterrestrial civilization. We also beheld the transfiguration of a space age Odysseus into Homo Stellaris and take a great evolutionary leap forward in the form of the Star Child.

In “2010” humanity bares witness to another monumental act of creation – the stellarfication of the planet Jupiter and the transformation of the Jovian system into a bona fide solar system within our own and the emergence of intelligent life on its moon Europa.

Today on Discovery Enterprise we would like to offer this small token of visual remembrance for the man who helped pave the way for humanity’s eventual and inevitable exploration and settlement of outer space and the infinite realms that may lie beyond the known Universe with this guide tour around the office of Arthur C Clarke.

Over the past few months in previous postings on Discovery Enterprise we have offered our readers a number of occasions to reacquaint themselves with Clarke’s creative genius in the motion picture classics “2001” and “2010”. And, we have given our readers a retrospective on the collaborative effort of Clarke and film director Stanley Kubrick that created one of the greatest science fiction sagas to grace the silver screen. We would also like to offer you the chance to embark on a voyage into the infinite of the distinctly mathematical kind with Arthur C Clarke in “Fractals – The Colors of Infinity”. And finally we would like to ask our dear readers to pause for a moment and contemplate the far future as we move towards the year 3001 and beyond, and offer your own visions of tomorrow in our new forum section.

Take a tour around the office of science fiction’s greatest author – Arthur C Carke. Audio slideshow and flip camera presentation, recorded Oct. 2009, a year after Clarke’s death.

Arthur C Clarke’s Office: Colombo, Sri Lanka from Sam Coley on Vimeo.


1 Response to “Towards 3001 and Beyond with Arthur C Clarke – Master of the Infinite”

  1. 1 Larry March 19, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Fabulous video there, quite an emotional tour too-seeing that empty wheelchair put a lump in my throat! I'm actually finding it difficult to put down words-still can't believe he's no longer with us!Ah he's not gone, he's up there looking down on us all!Thanks for sharing this-I'd like to put this on my blog and also a scinece fiction forum I post on on this day of the second anniversary-I will also be reading some books of his to mark the occasion.Hope to see you one day Arthur!

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