Space Colonies: Living Among the Stars

“Teetering here on the fulcrum of destiny stands our own bemused species. The future of the universe hinges on what we do next. If we take up the sacred fire, and stride forth into space as the torchbearers of Life, this universe will be aborning. If we carry the green fire-brand from star to star, and ignite around each a conflagration of vitality, we can trigger a Universal metamorphosis. Because of us, the barren dusts of a million billion worlds will coil up into the pulsing magic forms of animate matter. Because of us, landscapes of radiation blasted waste, will be miraculously transmuted: Slag will become soil, grass will sprout, flowers will bloom, and forests will spring up in once sterile places. Ice, hard as iron, will melt and trickle into pools where starfish, anemones, and seashells dwell — a whole frozen universe will thaw and transmogrify, from howling desolation to blossoming paradise. Dust into Life; the very alchemy of God”.
Marshall T. Savage, author of The Millennial Project: Colonizing The Galaxy In Eight Easy Steps.

Today on Discovery Enterprise we take an exciting voyage into the future and explore the wonderful and exciting possibility of humanity expanding outwards from its planetary abode to make its home amongst the stars.

In “Space Colonies: Living Among the Stars” we examine the scientific basis for the growing belief that humans can and will carry our civilization far from Earth through the eyes of such visionaries as Marshal T. Savage, Robert Zubrin, Christopher McKay, Jim Benson and Gerard K O’Neill.

Space Colonies : Living Among the Stars


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