The Day the Universe Changed – Episode 2

Today on Discovery Enterprise we are presenting the second episode the documentary series entitled “The Day the Universe Changed” hosted by BBC science historian and journalist James Burke.

In today’s instalment entitled “In the Light of the Above” we will the paradigm shift in thinking that occurred during the Middle Ages. During the Middle Ages, most of Europe was dominated by religious beliefs and it was through this frame of mind that people explained the world around them. After the Crusaders invaded Moorish Spain, they discovered an advanced civilization]] and thousands of years of knowledge. After spending 150 years translating thousands of texts, the Crusaders returned to northern Europe with vast amounts of knowledge, including the works of the Ancient Greek philosophers who had pioneered logical thinking. Thus, the Dark Ages ended as secular knowledge and logical thinking took precedence over religious superstition.

The Day the Universe Changed Episode 2 – In the Light of the Above

A very interesting web site well worth a visit is the home page of the James Burke Institute for Innovation in Education and its flagship project, the Knowledge Web. And, if you would like to purchase this and other documentary series by James Burke we encourage you to visit Documentary-Video a great online store where you can purchase a wide selection of documentaries.


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