Super Comet: After the Impact

On October 24th, 2007 and on the Halloween Night of October 31st, 2007 the Discovery Channel (Europe) aired the two hour docudrama ‘Super Comet: After the Impact’. This documentary essentially transfers the events of the Cretaceous Extinction Level Event (E.L.E), that occurred sixty-five million years ago and lead to the demise of the dinosaurs, to the twenty first century.

‘Super Comet’ recreates the fatal disaster that wiped the dinosaurs off the face off the Earth, only it’s not the dinosaurs that are living on planet Earth – it’s us.
This remarkable programme gives viewers a chance to see the real effects a ‘Super Comet’ would have after impact on planet Earth if it were to happen in today’s world. What would happen to the human race and the planet itself is told through the dramas of people’s lives as well as fascinating interviews with top scientists.
This is a dramatic, adrenaline fuelled programme not to be missed!

Super Comet: After the Impact


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