Dangerous Missions – Space Flight

Today on Discovery Enterprise we take a close look at the dangers of spaceflight and the disaster that befell the Space Shuttle Columbia.

We have been redefining our place in the universe since 1961. We have broken the bonds of gravity. We have walked on the moon. As part of this on going program of discovery and exploration the crew of the space shuttle Columbia launched from Cape Canaveral on January 16th, 2003.

The 113th shuttle mission was dedicated to the pure pursuit of science. But, unseen by crew and spectators at the time as Columbia pushed skyward a piece of foam from the shuttles external fuel tank struck the leading edge of the orbiters left wing. The shuttle held firm and made it into orbit for 16 days the crew of seven worked 24 hour alternate shifts of intensive scientific experiments. On February 1st the crew and shuttle began there journey home – then disaster stuck.

Dangerous Missions – Space Flight


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