The Universe – Light Speed

Today on Discovery Enterprise we look at the ultimate speed limit of the cosmos – Light Speed. But, is it really the ultimate speed limit or can we one day break the light barrier.

Streaking through space, light is the fastest thing in the universe. As it reaches us across vast distances it reveals the history of the cosmos. Light travels at 300,000 kilometres per second (186,000 miles per second), its speed is an ultimate barrier, nothing can go faster. But is the answer final? Will spaceships ever speed faster than light? Is it even worth trying? It can neither be touched nor felt. It is an abstract quantity of immense impact. The rate of motion at the very heart of all existence, the fundamental linchpin of the universe that we call light speed.

The Universe – Light Speed

For your viewing pleasure we at Discovery Enterprise would also like to offer you the following documentary – Simon Schaffer’s fantastic four part series the “Light Fantastic” that was produced for BBC 4. In this documentary series science historian Simon Schaffer takes is on a voyage of discovery to follow humankind’s quest for enlightenment to discover the true nature of light.


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