Calling All Aliens

Today on discovery Enterprise we continue our year long celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (S.E.T.I.) and explore one of the greatest mysteries of our time: Are we alone in the universe? Or do we have unknown neighbours on other planets?

Hollywood has already given its own answer to this question. Having witnessed close encounters of the third kind such as “E.T.”, serious scientists have taken up the hunt for real aliens. Since 1977, a golden gramophone record has been travelling through space. The Voyager record contains greetings in 55 languages and music from Mother Earth. 30 years later, some researchers even want to load human DNA on a rocket. But this plan is causing trouble. In a worst case scenario, we are inviting hostile invaders to take control over the earth. Do we really want to give away our most important secret to everybody? The documentary shows us a world where science and fantasy mingle, and where fictions inspire real research. “CALLING ALL ALIENS” shows the desperate yet hopeful believers behind their monstrous telescopes. In 2007, their search will reach a new dimension. With 350 satellite dishes, each one measuring six meters in diameter, the world’s most gigantic telescope array ever built will be tuned in to detect the message that could change the world.

Calling All Aliens


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