The Universe – Constellations

No vista can be more inspiring than viewing the night sky on a clear moonless night with the starry firmament in all its glory and splendor in full view.

Many of us who have taken up the leisurely pursuit of Astronomy with an almost religious fervor can recall when we learned the positions and names of some of the brightest stars in the night sky and learned about the star groupings we call the constellations.

We were all introduced to the ancient lore from times past associated with the deities that make their home on the vault of celestial sphere and can feel a certain kinship with our hunter-gathering ancestors and the ancient farmers and mariners of the world’s first civilizations as we recite their names and marvel at the splendor of the most prominent stars associated with them. So join us today on Discovery-Enterprise as we take a voyage through time and space and reacquaint ourselves with the marvel and beauty of the constellations.


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