Planet Earth – Ocean Deep

Today on Discovery Enterprise we present the eleventh and final episode of David Attenborough’s acclaimed documentary series Planet Earth. For all of us at Discovery Enterprise it is fitting that this final instalment of Planet Earth focuses on the most unexplored area and humanity’s last great frontier on our planet: the deep ocean. It is a very symbolic episode because we are currently deeply committed to the Atlantica Expeditions – First Undersea Colony Project.

Seen from the heights of celestial space an intrepid explorer would clearly see that our world is by and large an Ocean planet. Three quarters of our planet is covered by water and yet for all of recorded history humankind has insisted on naming our planet the Earth. Yet the dry land, which is the kingdom of man, only occupies a quarter of our globe. It has served as the stage on which many of our human concerns have and continue to be played out. The realm of Poseidon would comprise a planet more than three times greater in size than humanity’s domain. Only after humans took their first tentative steps away from the security of the seashore did the surface of the world’s oceans begin to greatly influence the affairs of men. It has served as a barrier to hostile powers, a battlefield for plunder and conquest, and as a highway for commerce. The control of its major sea routes has built global empires. Its treasures have enriched the kings and principalities of many an empire. Yet, despite all this much of the ocean’s vast food and mineral wealth remain untouched. Men have yet to share in the vast bounty that lies in wait at the end of Poseidon’s cornucopia.

The depths of the oceans are a world on to itself, beyond, for most of human history, the reach of mere men and their earthly empires. It is a world beyond the rule of terrestrial kings and princes. A world that could be aptly named Aquatica. It is our hope to change all that. It is our hope to relieve much of human suffering, misery, and poverty by opening this vast wealth to humankind. It is our belief that one day humankind will one day make his home again within the bosom and embrace of the mother of all life. This is not in our view an evolutionary regress but, rather a step forward in creating a new branch of human civilization.

Aquatica is the Earth’s own planetary ocean. The League of New Worlds is actively engaged in a project that seeks to explore and eventual colonize our planet’s last great frontier.

As of today, the dream of permanently settling Aquatica has begun, with the immediate, global commitment to long term ocean monitoring and the sustainable development of its vast wealth. We also seek to venture there to teach every culture innovative and powerful systems of thought, carved from a profound visionary philosophy – to preserve and protect this vast ocean realm. It is a philosophy vital to our long term survival on this planet.

We must also commit our global civilization to the long term goal of maintaining the health and vitality of this planet in all its realms – land, air and sea. All of which are integral to the long term habitability of our world. Vital in meeting that end is our commitment to the continual monitoring of the health of our planetary ocean – Aquatica.

Planet Earth – Ocean Deep


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