Most of Our Universe Is Missing

Today on Discovery Enterprise we again explore the dark side of the Universe with this exciting documentary from the BBC science series Horizon – Most of Our Universe Is Missing.

Less than two decades ago science seemed to understand how the universe worked. Everything in the Universe was thought to be made of atoms which were all created in the beginning at time-zero: the Big Bang. In between the atoms was nothing, a void: quite literally, ‘space’.

But in recent years that picture of the Universe has started to unravel. There is more to the universe than meets the eye. There is a lot more, and for the most part, it’s invisible. According to the best estimates, we only really know what makes up about four percent of the universe. But if only four per cent is made of atoms, what about the rest? The rest is made of mysterious entities about which very little is known or understood, with equally mysterious names like: dark matter and dark energy.

Most Of Our Universe Is Missing


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