The Universe: Dark Matter – Dark Energy

Today on Discovery Enterprise we explore the dark side of the Universe. Less than five percent of our universe is comprised of matter that is radiant or interacts with light or other forms of electromagnetic radiation.

For thousands of years we have looked at the night sky and believed the illuminated stuff was all that made up our universe. Scientists now realize it’s not what shines in the light but what hides in the dark that holds the true secrets of our sky. There is a mysterious dark matter that binds stars and galaxies together, and strange particles like wimps, axions and machos might be to blame. And there is a dark, repulsive energy that is creating space in the universe, that’s driving the galaxies further and further apart, to a dismal fate. Combined, dark matter and dark energy make up 96% of the universe and uncovering their secrets is like making the one-in-a-million shot. If uncovered, the ultimate fate of the universe might be revealed. Will it crash and burn in a horrific collision of gravitational forces? Or will dark energy tear the universe apart? This is a trip to the dark side of the universe; this is the hunt for dark matter and dark energy.

These are relatively new discoveries in Astronomy and have fundamentally altered our perception of the nature and ultimate fate of the Universe.

The Universe: Dark Matter – Dark Energy


1 Response to “The Universe: Dark Matter – Dark Energy”

  1. 1 Professor Xavier Lambsbottle November 30, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    It is indeed amusing that cosmologists don't know what 96% of the Universe is made of. Just to set the record straight, I list the following conditions:1. Dark matter is not matter of any sort.2. Dark energy is not different than dark matter3. The terms Dark matter and Dark energy must be discarded.4. Before the existance of matter, there is a form of energy that has three components or energy states that has been named Steinhardt Energy after Paul Steinhardt of Princeton, SE for short.5. SE is not affected by time, is extremely stable, infinite, the precusor of all matter that was created in the first singularities, responsible for the formation of galaxies and the expansion of the Universe.6. SE is the CARRIER OF PATTERNS,this is extremely important. This quality allows instant communication over vast distances independant of time or distance. The SETI project is a waste of time. Light is slow.These are but a few conditions of SE. Once the cosmologists give up on particles after spending fortunes on exotic experiments,they may get around to relizing what SE is and the implications which are many, prompting nothing less than an earth shaking revolution in human understanding and the beginning of a new era

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