Discovering Ardipithecus

We Humans, in every age and across all cultures have had one major question – Where did we come from? It is perhaps the most profound question humans could possibly ask and has been the central driving force in the development and evolution of many of the world’s major religions and all the most important braches of scientific inquiry.

We human beings seem so different from the rest of the animal kingdom that it was easy to conclude that we are the pinnacle of a special act creation. This illusion was to be scattered when Charles Darwin published “On the Origin of Species” and his conclusion that human beings, like all living creatures in the natural world, evolved through the process of natural selection from a common ancestor shared by the other great apes . But, Darwin did not have the human fossils to support his ideas. Now from a remote African desert, buried for more then four million years, comes the conclusive fossil evidence that Darwin could have only imagined with the discovery of Ardipithecus.

Human Evolution – Discovering Ardipithecus


1 Response to “Discovering Ardipithecus”

  1. 1 PROFESSOR X November 21, 2009 at 11:20 am

    Ardipithecus The Ridiculous Any thinking person ought to question Ardi's authenticity since it is a partial skeleton put together based on the bone fragments of at least 35 sets of poorly conditioned skeletons. The million-dollar question is that if these skeletons were so poorly conditioned how would they know where they came from the same animal without genetic testing? Reasonable people ought question even the appearance where this information is leading. It is a slight of hand cover-up the failure of the previously held false assumption that humans evolved from a chimpanzee-like creature which now must be discarded in order to accept this new HOAX. Scientists would do better to advance science by focusing more on the solid facts than on the Hocus Pocus of Science-Fiction in Darwinism. Doubt

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