E=mc2 – Einstein and the World’s Most Famous Equation

Albert Einstein’s name will forever be linked with the famous equation E=mc2 equating mass with energy. It is perhaps one of the most quoted and widely seen physics equations in the public domain.

Yet contained in this short and concise equation is the heritage and ultimate destiny of our species. This equation expresses succinctly the process by which all the matter found in stars, planets, galaxies and people came into being. This equation expresses the very essence of cosmic history in a very brief and yet poetic phrase. For contained in this equation is the very essence of cosmic history and how in the span of fourteen billion years energy evolved into matter and matter evolved into life and consciousness. It explains how within the first three minutes of the big bang pure energy condensed into matter and later how, through the process of nuclear fusion, heavy elements were forged in the hearts of distant and massive suns. It’s the existence of these elements that make the existence of living things a possibility. Porpoises, petunias and people owe there existence to the laws of physics expressed and revealed within the expression E=mc2.

Today on Discovery Enterprise we explore the historical and scientific antecedents of Einstein’s work and meet the other men and women whose work led to the Theory of Special Relativity.

E=mc2 – Einstein and the World’s Most Famous Equation


5 Responses to “E=mc2 – Einstein and the World’s Most Famous Equation”

  1. 1 Dale Ritter October 5, 2009 at 2:31 am

    The relevant focus on Einstein's {e=m(C^2)} deserves attention. It has been used to design the exact picoyoctometric atomic model equation named the GT integral. The atom's RQT (relative quantum topological) data point imaging function is built by combination of the relativistic Einstein-Lorenz transform functions for time, mass, and energy with the workon quantized electromagnetic wave equations for frequency and wavelength. The atom labeled psi (Z) pulsates at the frequency {Nhu=e/h} by cycles of {e=m(c^2)} transformation of nuclear surface mass to forcons with joule values, followed by nuclear force absorption. This radiation process is limited only by spacetime boundaries of {Gravity-Time}, where gravity is the force binding space to psi, forming the GT integral atomic wavefunction. The expression is defined as the series expansion differential of nuclear output rates with quantum symmetry numbers assigned along the progression to give topology to the solutions. Next, the correlation function for the manifold of internal heat capacity particle 3D functions condensed due to radial force dilution is extracted; by rearranging the total internal momentum function to the photon gain rule and integrating it for GT limits. This produces a series of 26 topological waveparticle functions of five classes; {+Positron, Workon, Thermon, -Electromagneton, Magnemedon}, each the 3D data image of a type of energy intermedon of the 5/2 kT J internal energy cloud, accounting for all of them. Those values intersect the sizes of the fundamental physical constants: h, h-bar, delta, nuclear magneton, beta magneton, k (series). They quantize nuclear dynamics by acting as fulcrum particles. The result is the picoyoctometric, 3D, interactive video atomic model data imaging function, responsive to keyboard input of virtual photon gain events by relativistic, quantized shifts of electron, force, and energy field states and positions. Images of the h-bar magnetic energy waveparticle of ~175 picoyoctometers are available online at http://www.symmecon.com with the complete RQT atomic modeling guide titled The Crystalon Door, copyright TXu1-266-788. TCD conforms to the unopposed motion of disclosure in U.S. District (NM) Court of 04/02/2001 titled The Solution to the Equation of Schrodinger.(C) 2009, Dale B. Ritter, B.A.

  2. 2 mmfiore October 5, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    Einstein was right about the shortcomings of Quantum Mechanics and so therefore String Theory is also the incorrect approach .As an alternative to Quantum Theory there is a new theory that describes and explains the mysteries of physical reality. While not disrespecting the value of Quantum Mechanics as a tool to explain the role of quanta in our universe. This theory states that there is also a classical explanation for the paradoxes such as EPR and the Wave-Particle Duality. The Theory is called the Theory of Super Relativity and is located at: Super RelativityThis theory is a philosophical attempt to reconnect the physical universe to realism and deterministic concepts. It explains the mysterious.

  3. 3 Anonymous October 23, 2009 at 2:06 am

    Thats an awful lot of by God joined up writing if ever I did see it.

  4. 4 Marek Zielinski September 2, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    “E=mc2 – Einstein and the World’s Most Famous Equation”
    of the XX century I would add.
    For a decade it is XXI-st century. I invite you to look at this observation of my father:

    The Truth about Creation or The Big Bang Theory commonly explained.

    When I was still a teenager, in my fourteens, my father called me to his watch-making workshop, sat me down on the top of his lap swinging to the left and to the right along with the tick-tack’s sound of the grandfather clock’s pendulum coming from the furthest corner of the room, he said:

    “Close your eyes my son and imagine, just imagine”,

    “Imagine what?” I said,

    “Imagine the world. Imagine the whole universe” he said calmly

    “That would be difficult” I replied,

    But when he pushed me out off of this earthly environment view into Space, helping me to create and build another view about surrounding me cosmos by adding into the imagined picture every part of the existing visible and invisible world; all existing planets, suns, moons, comets, stars, pulsars, quasars, galaxies and all possible imaginable objects of the all existing space between here and there, moving me away from the Solar system, further and further away, passing by all those visible objects and other, he ended me up somewhere where I have just passed the last, or I’d rather say the first star dust, somewhere a few …illiard light years away from our planet Earth, somewhere where I ended up in a deep-deep dark matter drifting away further and further somewhere where I could not see anything, somewhere where I could not hear anything, somewhere where I did not feel anything or any motion. There was a silence, just motionless silence, nothing else but darkness and silence. Inertia. Total inertia.

    He kept me within this motionless stage for some time when with the same calm voice he asked the first question:

    ‘Imagine it? Are you?’

    ‘Yes’, I nodded,



    ‘Now my son’ he simply said, ‘Draw a straight line right across this image of yours, divide it into two pieces, into two halves. Not equal ones! There is nothing like equal halves existing in the entire universe. There is no single particle equal with another… not to mention about a half of the universe. Put one of the cut halves aside and the other half divide in the same manner into two (halves). Continue. Continue cutting remaining halves until it become so small that you have to use a magnifying glass to continue. Continue. Then when it becomes so small again that you have to use a microscope to continue, continue. Continue cutting until you have to use the most powerful electronic microscope on earth to continue. Continue. Continue until you have to only use the most powerful imaginary microscope to continue. Continue’, he said.

    Then he asked:

    ‘When or will you ever be able to cut “the last half”? If anything like that “the last half” exist? There will be always a remaining half ready to be cut and divided into two indefinitely’, he added.

    ‘For some time the world of science is discovering what metaphysical and spiritual teachers have known for centuries. The physical world is not really composed of any matter at all; the basic component of it is a force or essence, which is called energy. Things appear to be solid and separate from each other where our physical senses normally perceive them. While on the atomic and subatomic level, a solid matter is a cluster of small particles. Particles within particle called sub-particles. Bosons, which are assumed to be massless. They were detected by high-energy experiments at the CERN laboratories in 1983. Weinberg, Salam, and Glashow shared the 1979 Nobel Prize for physics for their model, protons, and eventually photons which turn out to be just pure energy’, they said.

    The speed of light may be the only constant in the universe. Everything else changes! Mr. Einstein observed that matter could be converted into energy just as energy was converted into matter (and anti-matter) when the universe was created. If everything changes, so the speed of light, too, is changeable.

    As it was in 1989 scientists proposed this theory that there is no single sub-particle equal with another sub-particle in the entire universe, ‘Let’s apply this theory to an equation. Let’s try it on the equation of: E=MC2 ‘, he said.

    An equation is a mathematical statement, expressed in symbols, that two things are the same (or equivalent). Equations are written with an equal sign ‘=’. Equations are often used to state the equality of two expressions containing one or more variables.

    An equation contains left & right side.

    When the left side of the equation is ‘E’ – one particle

    the right side of the equation is ‘MC2’ – another particle,

    logically speaking;

    one particle = another particle

    Above equation is untrue.

    one sub-particle ≠ another sub-particle

    Above equation might be or is true.

    When the left side of equation is not equal ‘≠’ with the right side, then

    E = MC2

    Above equation is untrue,

    Because and especially that there is a progress; power 2, then

    E ≠ MC2

    Above equation might be or is true.

    When the left side is not equal with the right side of equation it must be then

    smaller or greater, > or <.

    Then the left side can be or is only < (smaller) because the progress is on the right side.

    E < MC2

    When variable mass symbol M is replaced by photon symbol Φ

    E < ΦC2

    Above equation might be or is true,

    When the power ‘2’ is replaced by power to ‘3, 4, 5, 6, 7’…etc. or ‘∞’ (to infinity) then the left side of the equation is definitely not equal with the right side because there is even greater progress, then

    E < ΦC∞ , then

    e < ΦC∞.

    ‘e is a perfect half, rest of it is an illusion’, look at it he said,

    ‘all it is illusion’.

    ‘There are still some who believe that the speed of light may be the only constant in the whole universe, everything else changes. If everything changes so the speed of light does. Everything is energy. Energy is everything. Everything is a light/photon in the infinite speed of light’.

    Einstein's statement that 'the distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion' comes from a letter he wrote to the family of his lifelong friend Michele Besso on 21 March 1955, Einstein Archive, 7-245, published in The Quotable Einstein (Princeton University Press, 1996), p.61.

    The Big Bang Theory commonly explained.
    Just follow the sequence of opening of the Russian Doll, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matryoshka_doll and keep it opening to Infinity.


  5. 5 Marek Zielinski September 29, 2010 at 12:21 am

    e < ΦC∞ versus E=MC2

    As I already mentioned in previous post uncle Al's equation is the XX-eth century discovery.

    It is an obsolete for the XXI-st century.
    Time for new discoveries and solutions for life.
    'past, present, and future is only an illusion'

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