Water on the Moon

We at Discovery Enterprise are elated with the recent discovery, announced at the close of last week, of water on the Moon. We have always maintained our support for a vigorous space exploratory program with the clear goal of establishing a permanent human presence in space that will eventually pave the way for the colonization of the Moon, Mars and beyond. The discovery of water on the Moon only strengthens our belief that it will serve as our stepping stone in creating a Spacefaring Civilization and play an important role in humanity’s future expansion into space.

While scientists have suspected for the over a decade that water ice deposits could be found in the coldest spots of south pole craters that never saw sunlight, the consensus became that the rest of the moon was bone dry.

But new observations of the lunar surface made with Chandrayaan-1, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, and NASA’s Deep Impact probe, are calling that consensus into question, with multiple detections of the spectral signal of either water or the hydroxyl group (an oxygen and hydrogen chemically bonded).

Today’s video selection is NASA’s Science News Conference on September 24th, 2009 announcing this exciting discovery.


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