Lost Land of the Volcano

This sounds like the setting of an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel: an undiscovered “lost world” inside a volcano with strange new creatures including giants rats. To bad there’s no lost tribe with a pretty princess:

SCIENTISTS have found a lost world of new species on an island in Papua New Guinea, including a giant rat, a frog with fangs and a fish that grunts.

A BBC Natural History Unit found the rat trapped in an extinct volcano – Mt Bosavi – along with up to 40 undiscovered species. The team were filming a series on Mt Bosavi called Lost Land of the Volcano, due to be screened this week in the UK. At up to a metre in length, the rat has been named the Bosavi woolly rat and is said to be “as big as a cat”. The specimen trapped by the team weighed almost 1.5kg. Living almost a kilometre down in the volcano, the rat has thick fur and teeth which suggest a vegetarian diet….
See the photos here.

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