Rudd’s youth camps

This shows the desperation of the government. Their IR laws price young people out of the job market so they are now considering “boot camps”:

THE Federal Government wants military-style “boot camp” training overseen by the Department of Defence for Australia’s unemployed youth, Cabinet sources confirmed last night.

The Sunday Telegraph has learned Canberra is keen on the move to stop the loss of a generation to welfare as a result of the recession.

It would also instill self discipline and structure into the lives of problem young job seekers. Cabinet sources confirmed to The Sunday Telegraph yesterday the plan had been promoted at “the highest levels”, but it’s unclear whether it will make the final cut for the Budget on Tuesday week.

Unsurprisingly the military is not please with their new role:

Key figures in Defence are fiercely resisting the idea of being responsible for training the unemployed and sources said the “unworkable” program could include weapons training.

They said the idea was being pushed amid growing concerns within the Government that youth unemployment was likely to hit politically unacceptable levels by the end of the year.

While ministers are broadly supportive of the initiative, some in Defence see it as a cynical exercise to artificially cut the official number of young jobless.


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