Exploring and Colonizing Mars – Six Minutes of Terror

Today on Discovery Enterprise we continue to celebrate humanity’s enduring love affair with the planet Mars with the fifth instalment of the Discovery Channel’s landmark television series Mars Rising – Six Minutes of Terror.

Mars is littered with the carcasses of crashed robotic landers and the Martian environment is very unforgiving. Historically there has been a fifty percent failure rate in all previous landings attempts.

The crew attempting the first ever landing on this alien and desolate world will find the last six minutes of their journey to be the most terrifying. Only an inflatable aeroshell and the thin ceramic skin of their capsule will protect them during their blazing entry through the Martian atmosphere. The crew must face hellish temperatures reaching four thousand degrees Celsius and a death defying plunge towards the surface at speeds reaching sixteen thousand kilometres per hour. After the capsule’s speed has been slowed, the astronauts have only a minute and a half to pinpoint a safe place to land. Yet, if the first crew survives these dangers they will open a brave new world for humans to explore and conquer.

Mars Rising – Six Minutes of Terror


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