Is Another Siberian Apocalypse Close at Hand?

As my good friend Ralph Buttigieg has recently written the Earth had another close encounter with a Tunguska sized body a week ago today. It is becoming more and more apparent that the issue of Near Earth Objects must be seriously addressed before some city or other densely populated area falls victim to a Celestial 9/11 event. It is my personal belief that another Siberian Apocalypse very much that like that which befell the Tunguska region of Siberia a little more than a century ago is very close at hand.

The object that came dangerously close to us last week goes by the mild mannered and rather obscure designation of 2009 DD45. But as the British weekly science journal New Scientist reported in its March 7th, 2009 issue:

An asteroid about the size of the one that levelled the forest in Tunguska, Siberia, a century ago flew past Earth on Monday – well within the Moon’s orbit. The risk of a future impact with the object is not yet known.

The asteroid, dubbed 2009 DD45, whizzed just 72,000 kilometres above the Earth’s surface. That is less than a fifth of the distance to the Moon and just twice the distance to geosynchronous satellites.

The video shown here was taken Canberra and it shows NEO 2009 DD45 moving at about 500″/minute.

NEO Asteroid 2009 DD45 from Canberra

NASA and the space agencies of the major spacefaring nations of the world have to step up their efforts at early detection and draw up plans for early mitigation. The defence of our planet is the primary concern of every citizen of this planet. The time has come to take the threat of a possible impact from even a modest size asteroid more seriously.

If you still are not concerned about the possibility of the possibility of massive devastation ruining your day just watch today’s second video offering and see what such a rock falling from the sky can do to my old home down of New York City. This isn’t another cheap thrills Hollywood disaster blockbuster folks. This is real science with a capital “S” :

Siberian Apocalypse

It was the biggest explosion to rock planet Earth in the history of civilization. A blast that devastated sub zero Siberia. It was an assault more powerful then a thousand atomic bombs and one that destroyed everything in it’s path. The century old catastrophe remains one of science’s most terrifying and hotly debated mysteries. Now NASA and others race against time to stop the next planet killer before it ignites Armageddon.

Author’s Note: Some of our dear readers have reported that they are having trouble viewing the video segments in our humble blog pages. If you are one of these unfortunates let me suggest that you download the Firefox browser or view today’s video feature via the following links:

NEO Asteroid 2009 DD45 from Canberra

Siberian Apocalypse


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