The Mumbai attacks, terrorism and Chuck Norris

First let me express my deep horror of the Islamist attack in Mumbai. I couldn’t think of anything intelligent or original to say so have refrained from posting until now. Ever since that horrible day in September 2001 I have been waiting for another major attack. September 11 set the bar for terrorism, you can bet there is someone out there plotting a more terrible, more audacious attack against the West.

The Mumbai attacks were co-ordinated attacks by gunmen, not bombings, so that could be their new tactic. So how far could you take such attacks? Well back in 1985 the movie below was released.

It proposed communist guerrillas infiltrate the United States and dressed as police officers and other officials start shooting civilians , especially ethnic groups. The result is nation wide riots and panic. I still think the premise is terrifyingly possible. Unfortunately I think Mr Norris’s help would be limited.


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