Alien Treknology

Let’s just suppose for a moment humankind develops the sudden urge to leave its planetary cradle and take the real giant leap to the other worlds of our solar system and elsewhere in our galaxy. Problem is we just do not have the technology to embark on such a trek. Such technologies are still in the realm of the make believe world of Star Trek.

But, let us imagine we were really desperate and would stop at nothing to get our hands on such futuristic technology. And, by way of a secret covert government operation do manage to get our hands on just that type of Alien Treknology from the sentient creatures that have been violating our air space for the past sixty years in a real life Roswell incident. Utilizing the talents of earth’s best and brightest what can we possibly hope to learn?

In the History Channel’s UFO Files documentary – Alien Engineering we are given the opportunity to explore just such an imaginary possibility.

Using real science, this documentary takes a look into the possible theories of how alien craft could operate – from the propulsions systems, to levitation, to teleportation, and faster-than-light travel. So join me today and let’s take a look at the exciting possibilities of Alien Treknology.


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