Eat Kangaroo

Kevin Rudd’s global warming guru Ross Garnaut has a uniquely Australian solution to global warming, give up beef and lamb and eat kangaroo instead:

Sheep and cattle production is highly vulnerable to the biophysical impacts of climate change, such as water scarcity,” he says.

“Australian marsupials emit negligible amounts of methane from enteric fermentation. This could be a source of international comparative advantage for Australia in livestock production.

“For most of Australia’s human history of around 60,000 years, kangaroo was the main source of meat. It could again become important.”

I rather like kangaroo sausages but there are practical difficulties to roo farming. Luke Bowan from the Cattlemen’s Association has this to say:

“Nobody’s denying the fact that kangaroo meat’s probably a good product if you can get hold of it, but there’s major issues, just from an animal welfare perspective about farming kangaroos. For a start they can’t be transported, they can’t be killed other than in the field and it’s just clearly, the background to a statement like that is ridiculous.”

Kangaroo farms are not the only ridicules thing about the Garnaut report either. Terry McCrann had a good time tearing it apart.


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