Well, Malcolm Turnbull is now Leader of the Opposition. Personally I rather liked Brendan Nelson, his political instincts were usually right. However the polls showed that me and perhaps Mrs Nelson, were the only ones that did.
I liked the following from Turnbull’s speech:

We are a party of opportunity and this, my friends, is a land of opportunity. Australians and Australia can do anything. We can do anything, but we need to have confidence, we need to have leadership. We need, above all, to have the opportunities to do well. And that is the great difference between our side of politics and Labor, because we believe that government’s role is to enable each and every Australian to do their best, to exercise their freedom of choice to do their best. Labor believes government knows best. We are not so vain as Mr Rudd. We know our job is to empower and enable the enterprise, the dreams, the ambitions of Australians- of all Australians. And that is what I commit myself to doing today as the leader of the Liberal Party, as the leader of the Opposition.

Very upbeat. Good. He was good on TV too, very convincing. I like his support for gay rights but have different views on cultural issues such as the Monarchy but lets see what happens over the next few months.


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