According to Gabrielle Gwyther aspirational is now a derogatory term used by eastern suburbs types to mock us westies.

” ‘Aspirational’ is used by people outside western Sydney with the same kind of moral undertone that was used with ‘westies’, without an understanding of why people live the way they do.”

Dr Gwyther – a “born-and-bred westie” – says outsiders think people in the west are middle-class wannabes who think they have risen up the social scale because of their McMansions.

“You can have a big house in the eastern suburbs and you’re not greedy, but if you have a McMansion and a 4WD in western Sydney, you’ve become greedy.

“There’s a different morality, so the big house, car and big plasma screen become items of ridicule.”

You know, I don’t care what they think. These are people who think an old one bedroom unit without a balcony and without a garage like this (in Mosman) is worth more then $300,000:

With $300,000 westies can buy themselves a two bedroom unit with a garage like the one below (Wentworthville) and still have change.

They just don’t like that a westie office worker gets a better deal then a lawyer in Mosman.


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