Reasons to go to the Moon

Over at Out of the Cradle they have posted 25 Good Reasons to Go to the Moon. I encourage everyone to read it. Its pretty comprehensive but I have come up with extra reasons. However I’m not sure they would all be regarded as “good”.

1) Quarantine. One of the reason we will go to Mars and other worlds is to search for life. There will always be a chance of contamination. A moon lab would be an ideal place to study interplanetary samples.

2) Spying. The moon would be a useful platform to observe the Earth. A nearside Moon base will see any spot on Earth once every 23 hours. The long dwell time should be very useful. Theres clear military and civilian potential in a lunar spy base. See Joe Buff’s article for more.

3) Glory: Currently frontiers such as the poles and the oceans attract adventurers ,the sort who paddle kayaks across the seas or cross Antarctica solo and unassisted. The Moon is an untouched frontier for glory seeking adventurers. Someone will be the first to transverse the Farside , circumnavigate the Moon, travel from pole to pole etc.

4) Ultra secured site. If you want to keep something private and well hidden the far side of the Moon is hard to beat. You might want to place a internet server there or store valuables. Tax dodgers and criminals should be good customers.

5) World Conquest. A Lunar mass driver would make a very effective WMD. For national security purposes it would be prudent for major powers to have a moon base, not so much to build military mass drivers but to make sure nobody else does.

6) Sex . People have talked about the supposed benefits of micro gravity love making for years. I doubtful about the reality. Couples would need some sort of restraint and the problem of space sickness don’t sound like much fun to me. The Moon’s low gravity would remove those problems yet still allow interesting gymnastics. It should be a whole new frontier for pornographers and prostitutes too.

7) Debauchery. In “The Man who stole the Moon” the late science fiction author Charles Sheffield had a lunar casino/ hotel/brothel for oil rich Muslims. Apparently under Islam the restrictions against drinking and other indulgences only apply on Earth. The Moon being in the heavens is free of such restrictions. I don’t know if this is true or not but if it is true then such a center is a sure bet.

So you see rather then have the Moon only populated with dull scientists and engineers it can also have colorful characters such as spys, warlords, pornographers, adventurers ,tax dodgers and prostitutes. A much more interesting place.


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