Gordon Ramsay is my hero!

I agree with Andrew Bolt 100% ! Liberals like f%$#@ senator Cory Bernardi can get f&^^%$ stuffed. Gordon Ramsay is the Man!

Ramsay, you see, thinks hard work honours man. Slackers drive him spare: “You might as well just f… off.”

He thinks if a job is to be done, it’s best done well. Sloppiness is an insult to a worker’s dignity. A moral crime.

He thinks if you’re taking a man’s wage, you owe him a day’s labour. Those who bludge on their boss are called “cheats” and the worst, like the manager of Dillons, are out the door.

He thinks reason beats irrational sentiment. If orange paintings of what seems global warming turn off customers, then too bad if the owner loves them to sentimental tears; they must go to save the restaurant.

He thinks some authority is better than none when you want things run well. Three managers in one chaotic restaurant get pared to one, despite the tears, because collectives and group fuzzies just don’t work.

Yet he also believes in loyalty and teams – the little platoons of society that are the bedrock of a community……..
Chef Ramsay will be in Australia in June. I hope to attend. Also heres a Ramsay recipe told in his unique style.


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